A new showroom in Milan for Las Group

Architect Monica Merlotti tells us about how this project came into being and how it brings together sustainability and design.
Las continues with its opening program for new showrooms. After the making of the exhibition space in the Tortoreto headquarter, and the showrooms in Paris and Moscow, inaugurated in 2019, it was time for Milan. After a first stop during lockdown, the doors of via Giorgio Jan, 6 are now open. The project was about the furnishing of a 200 sqm surface and was assigned to architect Monica Merlotti, who had already made the project for the furnishing of Las headquarter offices two years ago.
"Las has assigned important projects to you and today the set-up of the showroom in Milan. Tell us about this project and how it brings together creativity and company image.
We have participated in the making of the showroom in Milan from the very beginning, when choosing the exhibition plant. We immediately fell in love with this space because its strucutres reflected the possibility to perfectly match technical and aesthetic aspects of the company.
Where do you start from when you start working on a project, and especially on this exhibition space? What was your inspiration?
We like to think of every project as a story to tell. This time, we started from the structure and found a space with a story of its own. It was originally a garage for vintage wedding cars, before becoming a fashion atelier. So, cars and beauty.  This is what Las represents to us: a company which is capable of turning simple material into aesthetic and functional pieces of furniture, using its modern equipment and industrial know-how.

What moment do you like most while working on a new project?

The phase between the interview and the concept. We always have an interview with the client, to get to know each other and the client’s expectations for any specific project. It so happens that among these we identify one that is somehow stronger, more visible and successful, and from this solid base we start developing the concept, always keeping in mind that functionality is an essential value in all our projects.

Today we hear a lot about sustainability and design. What is your contribution in this field?

We strongly belive in sustainability and reusing materials. In our projects, we consider past usage to make things that are functional and beautiful over the years.
Especially while making design projects for the commercial field, we prefer more visible aspects over others, without adding too much, also given the investments made in the projects. We always scale and measure various solutions, assessing the pros and cons. To us, design is also sustainability: in the last  competition where we won the first place, we presented “Marumo”, a sushi placemat made of marble batons. The project was about reusing marble processing waste."

The Architect Monica Merlotti