Industry 4.0: the new Biesse Batch-one line arrives at LAS

In over 40 years of history the word "investment" has never been missing from the LAS dictionary. New factories, new machinery, new IT systems, new markets, new products, new communication formulas. The baton has always been passed on in a continuous relay, still in progress, which has allowed the company to adopt competitive and successful factors which have allowed it to establish itself as an industry leader.

In 2023 the "investment" dictionary Las, in addition to the new SMART products, concentrated more on the creation of a new production line, the batch-one which sees its strengths in the following factors:

- totally automated management of the semi-finished production flow;

- production flexibility up to a potential of 120 different pieces per hour;

- energy saving;

- production efficiency.

It will be with this strong propensity for investment and technological innovation that Las will face the next years.