The word environment means many things. It is the place where we live, the space that surrounds us, the place we help to build with our products and it is also the place where we work.

The environment is the place where we live.

And it is unique. It must, therefore, be treated with due care and attention.
For this reason, we have been taking small, but important steps to protect our environment over the years. And it is also why our products are recyclable and made with recycled materials with low VOC emissions.
In recent years, we have taken the decision to reduce the company’s environmental impact by gradually adopting a plastic-free business model.
Our short-term goal is to switch to zero impact, with a 100% reduction in the use of plastic in our packaging.
To achieve this, we have introduced production machines to our sites that use cardboard for the packaging process.

The environment is the place that we create with our products.

And it must meet the functional needs of those who occupy it, while protecting their health.
We spend a lot of time sitting at our desks which means that we end up adopting an incorrect posture.
To combat this, we design ergonomic seating that provides the right support and we develop office furniture that has a beneficial effect on the health of the worker, promoting active work.
Furthermore, designing offices, by championing the health of the people who work there every day, also has a positive effect on concentration and work productivity.

The environment is the place where we work.

It is the space we occupy every day and in which we interact with one another.
We are well aware that improving the environment in which we work means improving our work.
And it is not just about the physical space that we have designed and built to protect our well-being; it is also about viewing the environment in a broader sense, i.e. the place in which we build relations with one another.
We have designed our spaces to foster connections and exchanges as far as possible, so not just open space and the absence of hierarchical barriers, but also meeting rooms and coffee break areas designed for spending time together.
We have adhered, for many years, to the SA8000 standard, an international certification for decent work that aims to improve working conditions worldwide and govern certain aspects of corporate management related to corporate social responsibility, such as respect for human rights, employment law, protection against child exploitation and guarantees of health and safety in the workplace.