Since 1976, we have been creating new spaces dedicated to work. We do this by paying close attention to the quality and design of the products that we produce and design with the aim of making every office a place in which to feel safe; somewhere we feel good but stimulates us.

We take meticulous care over the functionality of our furniture; we continuously research ways to adapt it to all needs and we guarantee a proven ability to work with our partners to deliver the most suitable solution for prestigious projects.

We are one of the most well-established and qualified industrial companies in Italy in the office furniture sector, guided, since our foundation, by a corporate vision with a strong international focus.

Our Business Unit

In the 121 thousand square meters of our factory, the skills of 3 different production units are combined: furniture, seating and walls.

Our products are designed and manufactured for any type of office: management, back office, smart office, lounge and break areas, or reception.


We produce furniture to furnish offices and create new functional working environments in the name of design and technology.


We product different types of ergonomic seating, guaranteeing the highest quality and care and still producing some parts by hand.


We design partition or accessorised walls in glass and wood to improve the layout of internal spaces in a working environment.

Our story

“When I used to get up in the morning to go to school, I had to put on an old pair of shoes which, at a certain point, I would hang on an olive tree and then, put on another pair to get to school”.

These are the words of Giulio Pedicone, the founder of LAS: a memory from his childhood which clearly shows the iron will that, along with his outstanding intuition, led him to become a highly successful entrepreneur.

Giulio Pedicone is a highly-driven man and a tireless worker who, in 1976, set up a business manufacturing office furniture. In the beginning, the furniture was made exclusively of metal. It was not so much a sense of style, but rather a simple intuition that led the company’s production taking off in just a few years.

Here are the most significant stages of this long Italian story.

  • 1976

    Foundation of Las Mobili

  • 1978

    First exports
    New product 800

  • 1987

    New product Din
    First advertising
    Logo restyling

  • 1991

    Logo restyling

  • 1996

    Opening  1st Production unit

  • 1998

    Opening 2st Production Unit

  • 1999

    New product Format

  • 2001

    New Headquarter – Tortoreto

  • 2005

    Las Pareti-Las Sedute

  • 2010

    New product 5th Element

  • 2012

    Opening of the Milan showroom

  • 2013

    Opening of the Paris showroom

  • 2019

    Logo restyling

  • 2020

    Opening of the Moscow showroom

  • 2021 

    Opening of the new Milan showroom

Our mission

“To fulfil all the needs of our commercial partners is the goal that measures the intelligence, creativity and spirit of Las every day”.

Marcello Pedicone, CEO Las

Our team work approach is the added advantage that allows us to fulfil our customers’ requests and continuously surpass the offer of our most qualified competitors.

The absence of traditional barriers of hierarchy, the sharing of information and shouldering of responsibility by the men and women who regard themselves as an integral part of the company allow us to react quickly to market pressures and to innovate the quality of our products and services.

Production efficiency

Our spearhead is undoubtedly the production department which is where the most important changes take place and where our major investments are concentrated.

From lean production to fully automated packaging stages, our watchword for years has been flexibility. This means continuous innovative processes that have led to us adopting increasingly productive and versatile systems.


Our products are shipped in constantly monitored, high-performance vehicles, with delivery systems in place to avoid any possible damage due to transport.

Management control takes place in real time thanks to a data processing centre coordinated by our heads of management control.

Finally, great care is taken over the furniture assembly stage, carried out by highly qualified and accurately trained personnel.