Las Fil Rouge: a unique collection

LAS has designed a new, versatile collection of desks, created for executive offices, operative offices and meeting rooms: it is called Fil Rouge and was designed by the renowned Studio 967 Associated Architects, settled in Milan.

A unique collection, characterized by the extreme clean lines and the exclusive design. The aluminum frame, the rounded edges and the flush top give softness and elegance to the desk and allow you to redesign and furnish the work areas. 
 Fil Rouge main characteristics are:

• aluminum frame,

• legs made of metal extrusion,

• flush top,

• sliding top for an easier access to the wiring compartment,

• meeting tables on wheels,

• acoustic dividing panels with accessories,

• drawers and service units on wheels,

• dedicated cabinets with hinged and sliding doors,

• 1 3D foil finish,

• 5 melamine finishes,

• 4 colors for metal structures,

• 8 types of fabrics for acoustic coverings.