las@work n°4

“Las design becomes Total”. This is the title of the fourth issue of Las @ Work, the Group magazine that tells the highlights of 2018, introducing an overview of what the new horizons of development of the Las home will be. A title that immediately evokes the company's great commitment to offering an ever-increasing completeness and articulation of the brand to make Las an ideal partner and point of reference for developing projects at 360 °. The Orgatec fair, to which a Special was dedicated, was a very important moment with the launch of the new collection of chairs signed by Las and the new 2019 products. And then the international projects, the collaboration with pCon and the interview with the new Commercial Manager Gianluca Catanese.
In line with market trends, moreover, and with an increasingly incisive digital strategy, in addition to the paper version, the Magazine will also be available in electronic format, browsable from smartphones, tablets and PCs.
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