967 Arch

967Arch is an architectural firm set up in 1999 and based in Milan. The working group led by Cesare Chichi and Stefano Maestri has consolidated its business activities by working for international companies, including Google, Petronas, Cisco, Campari and WPP, for which it has curated several company offices on completely different project scales, finding new and unexpected ways of reinterpreting the essence of each one, in search of a design capable of expressing the different corporate values.

Over the years, the design team has grown and applied the same 967Arch approach to the product, focusing on the compositional study of the elements and materials, constantly looking for a solution that is an expression of the brand’s language, its fulfilment on the market, and its natural evolution in line with trends.

The structure, divided in this way, has two distinct expressions that are developed through mutual collaboration, complementing each other. This has also led the firm to collaborations with different lighting and furniture brands, ranging from both office and domestic settings.

In 2018, the 20.venti project was selected for the ADI Design Index, representing the very best of Italian design.