A film starring Las Mobili

Coming on November 20th to cinemas "SCUSATE SE ESISTO”, the new and funny comedy directed by Riccardo Milani (Benvenuto Presidente!). Starring Paola Cortellesi and Raoul Bova, brilliant protagonists recently in “Nessuno mi può giudicare”.

Paola Cortellesi plays Serena, a uniquely talented architect. After a series of professional success abroad, she decides to return to work in Italy, the place she loves. After lengthy and adventurous seeking for a job, she comes to a foolish idea: to pretend to be a man. Meanwhile she meets Francesco (Raoul Bova). Handsome man, the ideal companion... but he does not like women, or so it seems... An intense relationship starts between Serena and Francesco, the perfect couple, always ready to help each other and share secrets and cheats. Because if you want to be yourself, sometimes you need to be someone else…

LAS MOBILI is present in some scenes of the movie with models Logic, Enosi Evo, I-Meet, 5th Element, Hello, Neo Chair, stylish furnitures of Serena and her colleagues office, improving their job.

Since 1976 the founder Giulio Pedicone had the winning idea of combining the production of home-furnishings and office furniture, obtaining immediately important results, both on the Italian and the export market. Success is renewed year after year. Las Mobili Group, with the companies Las, Forsit and Modulo, is today the key player in the international world of the office.

This is not the first time that Las Mobili is present with its product in an Italian movie. In 1993, in the famous movie "Fantozzi in Paradiso", starring Paolo Villaggio, "hard-working" employees devoted to their daily job on DIN model desks, one of the best selling products of our company at that time. In the same year, Las Mobili furniture are protagonists and present in the offices and meeting rooms of the movie “La Scorta” of Ricky Tognazzi, the sad story of judge Francesco Taurisano and his guard.

Produced by Italian International Film and Rai Cinema, and distributed by 01 Distribution, the cast includes Corrado Fortuna, Lunetta Savino, Cesare Bocci, Ennio Fantastichini, Marco Bocci and Stefania Rocca.