Divo: the new LAS seating system

Every product we create tells of and represents the moment we are currently experiencing. Divo, our new seating system, is no exception.
Created in changing and iridescent times, as defined by Folco Orlandini, the architect of Orlandini Design, who designed the project.
Precisely to keep up with these times and better define the environments where it will be inserted, furniture needs to be dynamic.

“It was clear to us from the start,” explains the architect, Orlandini, “that we mustn’t design a ready-made object, but rather rethink the way this type of seating is conceived.”

Thus Divo was born. It’s not a chair, but a seating system: a paradigm based on which the designer can develop infinite solutions.
Inspiring our product and making it unique to its kind, is the most iconic and cherished object of our childhood: Lego blocks.

The architect Orlandini tells us all about it in this video.
Happy viewing.