Las Mobili Increasingly Plastic Free Oriented!

Mobili has decided to focus even more on sustainability and announces its goal to
reduce its impact and develop an increasingly plastic free business model.

company plans to make a zero impact in the short term, with a 100% reduction in
the use of plastic in its packaging.
The fight against plastic in the oceans and seas has been a hot topic for
several years. The images of the beach of Montesimos in Santo Domingo, in the
Caribbean Sea, literally invaded by hundreds of tons of plastic have gone
around the world and inevitably have sensitized the conscience of us all, on
our impact in the world and on how we can make our contribution to protect the
environment around us.

Las Mobili production contributes to protecting the environment and adheres to
the LEED Certification programme through the use of recycled materials and the
recyclability of the product. At Poggio Morello facility, a production machine
has been installed since 2017 which, in addition to completely automating the
packaging process, instead of plastic uses the cardboard to pack the ferrous

an identical machine has been installed at Tortoreto facility in order to
further reduce the environmental impact of its operating activities.

economic return on this investment is evident right from the start,"
comments Marcello Pedicone, CEO of Las Mobili, "not only in terms of
greater product protection, but allows Las to save more than 38,000 kg of
plastic which is equivalent to a reduction of 84.45% "