Las Mobili Rebranding after more than 20 years.

Las Mobili redesigns its image starting from its primary essence: its own trademark.
After more than 20 years the logo faces a careful metamorphosis that starting from its past confirms the evolutions of the present and traces an unbroken line for the future.

"If change is a process, the trademark is an integral part of this transformation". Thus Marcello Pedicone, Las CEO, announces the new identity of the Group, today more than ever, strictly inspired by its mission.

The need for a rebranding of the company logo stems from the desire to highlight the strong trend towards innovation that the company is taking on in all its industrial activities.
The desire to open up, to look towards new perspectives, to seize new opportunities, in the sign of consistency and respect for the company’s values.

The basic elements remain: they are characteristics that evoke historicity and allow us to maintain ties with a successful past.
The lettering this time gets rid of the cage, the grids disappear to acquire dynamism while retaining the essentiality of a pure and minimal style. Las Logo is de-structuralized to be drawn in a modern and more transversal perspective.

A job, that of rebranding, which the company has carefully carried out, in close collaboration with the agency, which will now take care, always in synergy with company marketing, of dissemination and communication activities, under the creative management of Tony Cetta, the same creative who took care of the concept and graphic evolution of the Brand.

Here is the interview released by Cetta during the presentation event.