October Red Las In France the first of the international events.

Announced for some time on all company channels, the Las Red October is starting.

The first of the Brand's international events took place on Thursday 17th October. France hosted it in Paris in the splendid and refined Charlot Gallery.

Prestigious frame with an exquisitely industrial mood, this former blacksmith shop (a historic site in the Marais) was the ideal showcase for presenting the new LAS products.

Elite, Fil Rouge and Mood Box perfectly showed the quintessence of Italian design and were appreciated by all present.

"This event was organized for our partners. Our distributors and retailers are familiar with the showroom in Neuilly. They often come to visit us to present their customers with the vast range of Las products. Now we wanted to surprise them by choosing an atypical place and amaze them with the beautiful photographic exhibition "Horizon de béton" by Alexis Paoli "says Jean-François Bures, the General Director in France.

In the Gallery, in fact, there is an exhibition of the photographer who recounts: “before becoming a photographer, I worked here. I remember the crowd gathered at the stairs in the morning, then the emptiness that followed until the evening, at the exit of the offices. This alternation of full and empty sums up my perception of the place ".

The event was highly anticipated as it was the first organized by LAS in France.