Oxi Color: Space for color in the office

A different way of living the office space, between sobriety and color.
Oxi Color is the new Las collection for operative offices in which color characterizes the compositions and the environments.
Colored accessories and micro-perforated metal doors take space in simple workstations, designed for offices of different complexities, creating an impeccable and refined aesthetic and optical effect.

Here are the features of Oxi Color:

• Desks with bridge legs and beams in tubular metal section 50x25 mm

• Coloured inserts for personalization of the legs

• Equipped dividing panels with concealed hooking

• Accessories for dividing panels covered in quilted fabric with pockets and metal

• Open storage units with sliding and hinged doors in various sizes

• Containers with micro-perforated metal doors

• wood finishes for tops and containers

• 5 colours of metal structures

• 9 colours for accessories and metal doors

• 3 types of fabrics for upholstery