The future of office furniture is today.

deconstructed, agile, technological, designed for co-working.
It is undeniable: the transformation of the work environment is already
underway, as is the culture associated with it. These  requirements are well-known to Las, they were
addressed at the Convention held in May and the architect Giovanni Giacobone
focused his speech on them.

changes, as in the case of smart working that implies a different way of
working, will lead to new spaces, different, depending on the activities that
take place inside. And it is stimulating, above all for the conception of new

With this architect, Las has collaborated for many years and together they have
created leading products in the Las catalogue, both in furniture and in the
seating sections.

primary objective of the development strategy for new Las products has always
been to create a working environment that can adapt to the needs of those who
live there. The evolution of work in the office has therefore inspired
innovative products that integrate materials and finishes according to the
logic of total look and digital usability.

the convention the architect Giacobone himself presented the latest creation
born of this fruitful collaboration, the new Elite executive: modern and
classic at the same time, designed to meet the needs of both architects and end

Here is the interview released during the meeting.