The new Astra Engineering headquarters dressed in LAS total look

We fitted out the new Astra Engineering S.R.L. headquarters of engineers Alberto and Fabio De Pascalis, based in Galatina (LE)

Astra Engineering has more than 25 years of experience in environmental, infrastructural design and services for businesses and public administrations, environmental engineering, structural analysis, design of complete plants and their parts for public and private construction, as well as the energy certification of buildings, and land surveying.

For Astra Engineering we designed, supplied, and installed furniture, chairs, and walls for the new headquarters, for which they chose a LAS total look: Elite executive furniture, 5th Element operative furniture, Infinity glass and wood walls, Box fitted walls, Hellò and Sistema operative chairs, and Jera executive chairs.

We paid particular attention to the mood of the spaces: a combination of black aluminium and wood finishes; the LAS products are perfectly integrated into the working spaces of the structure, giving the environment elegance, design, and functionality.