UP: our line of ergonomic desks

Often, the etymology of the names of scientific disciplines comes from Greek.

This is the case for the word ergonomics, which originates from érgon (work) and ńomos (rule) and is the discipline that deals with identifying solutions that are compatible with the psychophysical needs of workers.

From this definition comes UP, a complete series of single and double desks equipped with electrically motorized telescopic legs which, at a simple push of a button from the digital panel, let you adjust the height of the worktops.

During the working day you can therefore change position according to the task at hand and above all to the different postures you want to assume, protecting your physical well-being.

The workstations with height-adjustable top thus ensure ergonomics and functionality; the single version, compact and versatile, meets many layout needs.

The UP line is CE certified, equipped with height memorization and anti-collision safety systems.