Executive collection where the worktop integrates with the structural base which also has a storage function. The only finishing features are the tops and doors of the drawer unit. A functional workstation embellished by wall panelling with shelves and optional LED lighting.

CAM certified product.

This collection is characterised by:

  • Tops in various finishes and single-colour frame
  • 45° junction between tops and sides
  • Single-colour frame with drawers or free-standing service unit
  • Wired beam under the top
  • Two-height storage units with sliding or hinged doors or drawers
  • Wall cabinets with hinged doors
  • Wall panelling with shelves and LED lighting as an option
  • Square, rectangular and modular meeting tables
  • 2 wood finishes for the tops and the storage units
  • 3 veneer wood finishes for the tops and the storage units
  • 1 single-colour finish dor the structures
  • 2 glass finishes for the doors
  • 1 finish for door aluminium frames
  • Soft-closing system for wood and glass doors

Colour chart