Las Mobili – New products 2015

JERA sharing space
Jera is an ancient Celtic rune, an ancestral feature; it belongs to an era free of frills and mannerisms, an era when materials were sculpted into pure and monolithic shapes. Jera is a block of granite, a century old tree trunk, a gold ingot, a primordial mass of material. Jera is an office line designed with a distinctly architectural approach. The power of the design comes from the thick planes, the joinery between the planes, and the vertical and horizontal overhangs.

FLAGS sharing space 
The common perception is that office is like a beehive with people coming and going, a place where it is almost impossible to find any peace and quiet and concentrate. An office certainly is a very lively place, but things evolve and situations change quickly; the only thing that remains constant is change itself. People talk and exchange ideas to find new solutions; however, they also seek opportunities to work in a relaxing setting. Flags creates spaces that foster positive thinking and facilitate efficient teamwork.

OXI evolution 
With this model Las Mobili evolves, putting an important concept into action that plays a key role in the company’s offering. It is popular for its flexibility and how easily it fits into any type of work environment.

IULIO executive
This new product joining Las Mobili’s roster of successful semi-office line products has two key qualities. The first is the design. Iulio is designed to follow in the footsteps of Fill, a product which has met with considerable success on the market. Iulio is a completely different product, with new legs, new work surfaces, and containers equipped with sliding co-planar doors. Iulio is made entirely out of MDF and 3D foil, with work surfaces in new fashionable wood-type finishes for a strong materiality combined with extreme lightness; they are also quite elegant thanks to the satin finish edge profile.