LAS Open day Higher Institute of Artistic Industries of Pescara.

The students of the Form Theory of ISIA in Pescara participated in a training day in January, with a lesson in product design and industrialization and a visit to the production facilities in Poggio Morello.
Claudia Ciccotti, an architect and teacher of the course, accompanied the students in the company, continuing a training course that had already started in the previous year.
As early as December, in fact, the architect Luigi Rinaldi, head of the Las Projects Division, had met the students, with the aim of illustrating them Las business reality and the genesis of the partitions and furniture.
Las's propensity to build and strengthen a solid and positive relationship between school and business is therefore consolidated to encourage the transition from studies to the world of work.
The lesson in product design and industrialization was held by Achille Di Emidio, head of the Research and Development office, while the factory tour was led by Marco Spinucci, head of the Poggio Morello production facilities.