Orgatec Post fiera

Las Mobili brings a brand new TOTAL LOOK to the orgatec: and it's immediately a trend!
The "Culture @ work", or designing an office environment that is a stimulus for creativity and productivity, as well as being the central theme of Orgatec 2018 represents a need to which the TOTAL LOOK CONCEPT presented by Las in recent days , in Cologne is able to respond. A concept that sees colours and finishes completely integrated, furniture, chairs and partition walls coordinated and in perfect stylistic and visual harmony, touch and vision totally involved in the chromatic and material combination.

Visiting Las Stand, much appreciated by visitors of the sector, it was enough to fully breathe the essence and appreciate the values ​​applied to the new ELITE and FIL ROUGE collections.

A collection with a high aesthetic impact, the first one, with soft and simple lines, the second one, both perfectly capable of expressing the concepts described.

Thanks to all the visitors who in those days showed considerable interest in the world of work signed LAS Mobili!

In the gallery the most important moments!