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News: Agents Meeting - January 2014
At the end of January 2014, LAS MOBILI welcomed with pleasure and enthusiasm the network of Italian and foreign agents...Read more...

News: New Catalogue on Tablet
The Industrial Group LAS Mobili has created the first interactive catalogue for TABLET usable both in Mac and Android environments...Read more...

Las Mobili s.r.l. - Office furniture - With premises in Tortoreto Lido, Teramo province, in central Italy, in Abruzzi, is one of major Italian enterprises, leader in production and distribution of office furniture in Italy and around the world. Las produces a wide range of furniture, desks, executive and operative furniture, reception and meeting tables. The company manufactures also office armchairs and chairs as well as partitions. In its products Las melts modern and vanguard styles offering an inestimable experience in work and image optimizing in office working environments. In addition, Las offers a line of extremely interesting accessories with an innovative design.

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