Home Office: the importance of the chair

Working from home is a need dictated by time and circumstances. However, it cannot be a condition for working badly, putting one's health at risk.
That is why we have created products for the Home Office that are officially on the market.
We have collected them in a new catalogue which includes, in addition to our seven dedicated lines, also the reasons for which they were born, some small tips for working from home and what is behind each of our products in terms of materials, finishes and certifications.
Browsing through the catalogue it is possible to view and appreciate the main features of our lines: Sofia, Andrea, Federico, Anna, Luca, Viola and Paolo.
Along with our proposals for the desks, there is also an offer regarding the chairs, all ergonomic and of design, adjustable and with armrests, specially designed to work for several consecutive hours, in safety and comfort.
One of these chairs is used by Orazio Spoto, president of Instagramers Italia, already met during the Las Room webinar in which communication on social channels was discussed. Spoto talked about the chair on his website, in an article entitled "The art of sitting", accompanying the text with a small guide to assemble and use the Las chair of his choice in 5 steps.

Here you can find the article. Enjoy the reading!