Las Digital Solution: welcome to the agile office

Our daily life is made up of smart objects. Computers, smartphones or tablets animate the work environments and expand operativeness beyond the office, thanks to the network.

Today’s office is no longer limited to the company headquarters; it extends to domestic spaces or to environments for general-purpose use in which one settles down to work, so much so that we can talk about extended layout and agile work.

The office therefore becomes smart and, in this evolution, it presents itself as the centre of spaces that are complementary to one another and perfectly connected.

For this reason, we have designed and created high-performance environments, designed to meet diverse and constantly changing needs. We have done this by introducing technological content in the furnishings and in the spaces in which they are inserted, creating the conditions that will make it possible to obtain safe and flexible environments that use the IoT solutions for booking workstations and meeting rooms, monitoring the air quality and analysing presence and operating flows.

And thus, Las Digital Solution was born, in collaboration with the company Icomfort of Rome: our management system for the agile and new generation office.




An environment with correct conditions of air temperature and humidity favours a good level of productivity and concentration and determines the ideal conditions for protecting the psychophysical well-being of the people who live in it every day.

With Las Digital Solution, we monitor 14 environmental parameters, including: volatile organic compounds; ammonia (ethanol, hydrogen); carbon monoxide; nitrogen dioxide; ozone, carbon dioxide; PM 10 – PM 2.5; lighting intensity; exposure to noise (decibels); temperature; humidity; atmospheric pressure; altitude; UV index sensor.


The monitoring of the spaces and of the operational flows makes it possible to better protect health and safety in the workplace, in compliance with confidentiality and the GDPR regulation.

Las Digital Solution analyses the ways in which the workspaces are being used and provides useful data for optimising the use of different areas, generating considerable energy savings and improving the quality of the services offered.

The data obtained concern:

  • occupation of the spaces: bathrooms, common areas, meeting rooms, reception areas.
  • occupation of the furnishings: chairs, fixed or mobile work stations, acoustic sofas,
  • flows of people according to specific area or floor: numerical counting, time of presence, trend, analysis of the highest concentrations or gatherings in key areas.


Las Digital Solution allows you to book meeting spaces according to the duration or number of participants.

The rotation of personnel and guests in the workspace can be programmed in real time and, through the “network” mode, it is possible to:

  • meet more easily,
  • control the level of crowding,
  • check the characteristics and status of the various areas.


Las Digital Solution uses effective signage that enhances the company’s involvement and provides useful and up-to-date information, thanks to the sensors placed in the environments and furnishings.
It represents an advanced point of contact between the company, employees and guests and allows you to customise the programming and updating of content to the utmost, with the objective of satisfying multiple needs.

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