Las Mobili – Expo 2015

A majorexhibition inside the Italian Pavillon, a prestigious Shop window
in the heart of Brera, opened to everyone. Many thematic events
starting from May up to October. Less than 60 days before the Milan
Universal Exposition, Abruzzo is ready to win the most important
challenge in the world: making every Abruzzo citizen protagonist of an
extraordinary and unique date.

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life is the theme chosen for the EXPO 2015: a unique occasion for valuing Abruzzo that boasts the title of 'Greenest Region in Europe', thanks to its parks and protected nature reserves. According to the EXPO themes, sustainability
is the key word that best represents our gorgeous land. Abruzzo wants
to be the leader in Expo Milan 2015, with an ambitious project loaded of
ideas, strategies and studied actions. The purpose is to presents to 20
million visitors its cultural, economic, scientific and gastronomicidentity and its naturaland environmental biodiversity.

Anteprima AbruzzoEXPO will take place on Thursday 23rd of April, hosting a night-event for the press and then opened opening to everyone. CASA ABRUZZO will be the fulcrum in which every initiative will orbite around. Starting from May 1st up to October 31st, Spazio Fiori Chiari in Brera will become the center of Abruzzo in Milan. Covering an area of over 170 square meters with 11 shop-windows arranged in two levels, Spazio Fiorichiari
will be the place where companies, istitutions and associations will be
able to organise presentations, meetings B2B, cultural events and offer
tastings of typical dishes and drinks.

CASA ABRUZZO will promote
tourism and culture for anyone who wants to learn about the region.
This is a unique opportunity to show the public of Expo Milano 2015 the
variety and cultural greatness of this land and its business and
cultural tourism. A lot of events and meetings will take place,
organised by the regional Pro Loco and DMC, in order to raise awareness
and promote our territory. The 'Palazzo delle Stelline' will host, on Thursday 19th of June, a gala dinner where some of the most important and international chefs will participate. Moreover in Chiostro Bramante, from September 3rd to 5th a date dedicated to trade, design, fashion and wine will be hosted. The Chiostro Antico dell'Umanitaria is the location where, from June 30th until July 5th
will be presented the Abruzzo brand Chefs' Birthplace, with workshop
and showcooking organised by Abruzzo's Catering Schools. On July 8th during the Settimana del Protagonismo, the Feast of Return will be celebrated, dedicated to Abruzzo's citizens around the world.

Inside the EXPO, Abruzzo will stage a
space attended by the dep. of Architecture of the University of
Chieti-Pescara, with the collaboration of architectsSusanna
Ferrini and Paolo Fusero. They will present a deep environmental
dilemma: the relationship between humans and wildlife and between humans
and food. A physical and tangible representation of the Abruzzo's
morfology and biodiversity that, with the universal language of numbers,
will communicate with the populations from all over the world.

Inside the permanent exhibitions dedicated to Italian Identities we can find:

-the famous chef Niko Romito for “The Power of Know-How”;

-Pier Paolo Visione and Antica Azienda Agricola Peltuinum for “The Power of Limit”;

-Rocca Calascio (with its landscapes), the
Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio (and its facades), Santa Maria
Assunta (with its interiors) for "The Power of Beauty".

Inside the Pavillon each month, some projects will be presented: in May, Enterteinment and Tourism; in June Companies and Energy's Pole realizations; in August Science and Life; in September Quality of Wine; in October the final celebration.

Expo will leave an inmaterial heritage, a
legacy made of works, meetings, surveys focused on the sustainability of
the economic models, new wastefulness decrease prospectives and a
diffusion of themes connected with the environmental sustainability.
Abruzzo means, therefore, ensuring the interaction with Expo Milan 2015:
four info points will be available, oriented to anyone who wants to ask
is online, the web site dedicated to Abruzzo, while other communication
and media activities on the social networks rely on the development of
the 'Events Platform'.On facebook it can be found the page Expo 2015 Abruzzo, where contests and web initiatives will take place. The hashtags launched are #AbruzzoNatural, #anchioabruzzo, #piacereabruzzo, #destinazioneabruzzo, #takeabruzzo #madeinabruzzo.The
web site and the social networks will be supervised by the Department
of Computer Technology of the University of L'Aquila and by the
department of Communication Sciences of University of Teramo.
Communication and events are coordinated by Cristina Canosa.

University of Chieti-Pescara (Architecture Dep. ) for graphic concept and outfitting design;

University of dell'Aquila (Computer Technology Dep.) for web site management, apps and mobile applications;

University of Teramo (Communication Science Dep. ) for social media management, web site, editing and videos.

Abruzzo Sviluppo SpA, Society in House of Abruzzo region is the Implementing Subject for the “Abruzzo Project EXPO 2015”.