Las trains new young people with the Adecco Academy project

In the past few days, we hosted in our company six young people who participated in the Adecco Academy project, which we have joined as a partner company, offering our spaces and skills.
Adecco Academy is an innovative project founded with the aim of creating and selecting competences, through the assessment methodology with a focus on the evaluation of soft skills, that are sought after in the job market. To achieve this goal, a specialized and tailor-made training course designed for the youngest has been structured and activated.
The project lasted 160 hours. The six students who did the internship in our company did 60 hours of theoretical training from home, which preceded 100 hours of practical activity within our production cycle. A subsequent period of professionalizing apprenticeship in Staff Leasing mode will follow, whose aim will be a well-defined career path for each of the workers, with training activities targeted and financed by Adecco.
‘We are very happy to have contributed to the training of these young people who immediately proved to be dedicated and very attentive during the internship hours,’ said Marcello Pedicone, CEO of LAS. ‘We were able to evaluate their aptitudes and inclinations so as to optimally place them in the various departments and work centres.’