Take a seat!

This is the invitation made by Las to all its international sales force for participation in the commercial convention held on April 23rd at the company headquarters.

An invitation to discover in particular the new "Las Chairs", to which agents from the most disparate parts of the world attended, showing great appreciation.

During the busy day, 11 new models of seating not only managerial and operative, but also intended for multi-use areas and meeting rooms were presented.
All inspired by the principles of ergonomics, technology, functionality and comfort.
Numerous new upholsteries and finishes.
As many as 190 solutions will be available to users to satisfy chromatic and material needs.
At the base of the "Las Chairs" operation there is the strategic objective of the company to be even more attractive in this segment of offer through a wide range wisely diversified according to function, aesthetics, intended use and competitiveness.

The completely renewed sales material is highly appreciated, the new catalogue, the new samples, the renewed site for this section will allow all customers to know perfectly "Las Chairs" in every aspect

We share with you some moments of this wonderful day at work.