The new trends of hospitality design at Las Room

Hospitality design is undoubtedly a sector of great interest in the world of interior design and on Monday 22 November we dedicated the Las Room webinar indeed to the topic ‘Design for Hospitality’.
A morning spent in the company of illustrious speakers, talking about the latest trends and identifying what the winning elements of the hospitality sector are. During the meeting, organized in collaboration with Action Group – Infoprogetto, innovative ideas and solutions were presented to design spaces dedicated to hospitality in a functional way, but without sacrificing aesthetics.

Architect Pierluigi Sammarro of Studio Sammarro brought two case studies to the attention of the participants: the job done for the ‘Dame di Toscana’ resort, and the one still underway for ‘Sorbo Hotel’ in Calabria. Through them, he shared his idea of ​​extremely modern hospitality by analysing the various stages of design: from the construction site to the architectural elevation, from the analysis of the concept and exchange with the clients, to the definition of the interior design.
Alessandra Angiolini and Salvatore Frajese of Panasonic - Heating and Cooling Solutions talked about a crucial aspect in the design of places dedicated to hospitality, namely the air conditioning of the environments, showing which is the best solution to use depending on their size.
Architect Luigi Rinaldi, head of Las projects, talked about another way of experiencing hospitality spaces that is becoming increasingly popular: the hotel as a place for coworking. Today more than ever it is essential to know how to best manage and organize accommodation facilities for the new dynamics of liveability of spaces. He analysed what are the ideal characteristics for agile work in hotels, the products that perform best, and how to integrate the IoT elements of Las Digital Solution into the hospitality experience.
Finally, Pierluigi Zambelli of Geopietra spoke of a new material to mould, manufactured stone veneer, which safely tackles the design of accommodation facilities.
All topics that aroused a lot of interest from the participants, giving rise to a lively and educational debate.

As a reminder, the webinar is being accredited for 3 Professional Training Credits for architects and surveyors, and if you have not had the opportunity to participate in the online event, you can listen to all the content through the video.