It is a 100 mm wide partition that is characterized by free-standing glass panels. Another type that, by eliminating the structural uprights, aims to unite opposites, pursuing the ideal of strength and perfect transparency while having large and complex base and top profiles.

A single panel partition with aluminium profiles at the base and top, completely operable and designed for perfect installation. A rich design approach that transmits sturdiness and quality whose glass areas are clearly framed by extruded aluminium profiles.

A free-standing double pant walls with high acoustic performance. It is the result of the desire to create partitions seemingly without mass but able to ensure sound protection to meet the highest expectations. A perfect invisible barrier to see without hearing.

A fitted wall with wood curtain wall panels equipped with structural uprights in galvanized steel. It completes the collection using a different material approach. Transparency contrasts with opacity, the warmth of the wood in various finishes and colours contrasts with the coldness. Technical, wireable, inspectable.